I'm a compulsive street photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I learned photography in a traditional darkroom in the late 80s, but didn't really take it seriously until 2012.  In 2014, I started taking candid shots of people on the street, but I didn't really start feeling comfortable doing so until the end of 2018.

More than just a creative outlet, street photography allows me to live in the present, create order out of chaos, and to see the world anew. It's therapeutic for me.

I love the humor, humanity, and absurdity of it all. It can feel synchronistic to uncover wonder in an otherwise seemingly ordinary moment. Watching real life unfold in this way is a triiiiip.

When not taking pictures, I spend my time assisting students as a community college counselor.




You can message me here, or I can also be reached at tony@tonyvanle.com